Oasis that this place is – Life’s blue-green jewel against infinity…

      Placid, swirling neighborhoods, companions that traverse a sparkling black sea,

        With terrorizing rampant rogues… Are we learning from repeated catastrophe?


Mission Musings

The mission summary is the opportunity to allow the dream scenario to be postulated, to increase the resolution on the really big picture, and propose the macro-vision for a collective peaceful future.  It’s a concept that challenges the breadth of mind – to peer forth and ponder generations ahead, and desire to set the parameters of a trajectory that will persist long after the present lifetime is passed.   Some would liken this creation of a new world to a ‘Great Work’ that carries on until the common goal is actualized.  Modern civilization, with its distorted priorities, is unsustainable, and the longer that we postpone constructing exit-ramps and bridges on this expressway that we’ve paved, the closer we come to blindly driving over the proverbial cliff at the end of the road, because we neglected to turn on the headlights and fully open our eyes to insure against the inevitable wrecks.

However, the new paradigm’s gestation is ready for life, and though the birth was dangerously overdue, the cries signaling its oxygenation are being heard. This is the paradigm of life where we work and play together as humankind on a shared planet, and redirect our resources toward growth as a united and space-faring species, aware that our neighbors are not our enemies.  The immense mental and monetary power that is expended by the development and implementation of destructive technologies of death (read l-i-v-e backwards) for protection of land and beliefs, must be inverted and applied to stewarding a harmonized and healthy world, and commencing the realization of viable ecosystems off-planet.  We possess both the required ingenuity and coordination, and now Nature  demands  that  we  muster  the  WILL  to  persevere  in  this  global  mission.

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.
I hope someday you’ll join us, and the world will live as one.”

‘Imagine’ by John Lennon