Climate Controversy

Redemption of the Beast

New for Earth Day circulation: Randall’s methodical new essay blasts the foundation of Carbon dioxide-demonizing propaganda with a review of published papers touting the many positive effects of an enhanced level of atmospheric CO2!  Read the highlights or get immersed in the full article (part 1) to prep yourself for the pivot of the global warming / climate change debate. “Redemption of the Beast – the Carbon Cycle and the Demonization of CO2” 

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3 Responses to Redemption of the Beast

  1. Greetings Randall,

    Thank you for your continued efforts into exciting a healthy perspective to the populatioqn. I’ve been following your work through Joe Rogan and Geo cosmic Rex now for about a year. There are some questions I have for you regarding proper debates with the status quo scientism-ists, however I was unable to reach you through email.
    If you read this and find the time or desire to engage with someone trying to further expose your perspective, would you please reach out to me at MatthewDrobnick@Yahoo?

    I believe there are much more positive approaches and avenues we can explore, especially on mediums such as JRE podcast. We need your voice to gain much more exposure! You provide a reasonable, logical, science based perspective without resorting to emotional terrorism or juvenility. This is much appreciated.

  2. cory says:

    I can’t believe I used to buy into this crap 🙁
    The owner of the shop i used to work at just told me sugar is healthy! That it stimulates your mind lol

  3. Paul Iacono says:

    Hi Randall and Team,

    A quick one to say thanks for all the information regarding extinctions/end of ice age/mega tsunami’s etc. I watched you online on Joe Rogan show (twice) the interview with Graham and Shermer debating the theories was superb.

    I find this period of history absolutely fascinating and the images you showed of the Scab Lands evidence of mega flooding including the 400 foot cliffs and central spine inn solid rock go to show the huge forces involved. The flash frozen mega fauna are truly stunning as they involve something that is a true mystery. My imagination conjures huge flood water near freezing, but liquid due to motion, then when hit the freezing areas and the animals grazing there return to a solid state almost immediately….

    Thank you again, much respect and I’ll tell all I think have an interest of your superb website information. Try and get a student animation team to volunteer their efforts to visualalise the comet hitting the glacier, melting ice, mega tsunami and ensuing destruction of land/fauna/flora. Just an idea as the student team could do this as their own wonderful, unique project for University credits maybe.


    Paul Iacono

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