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Redemption of the Beast

New for Earth Day circulation: Randall’s methodical new essay blasts the foundation of Carbon dioxide-demonizing propaganda with a review of published papers touting the many positive effects of an enhanced level of atmospheric CO2!  Read the highlights or get immersed … Continue reading

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Rampant Mega-Beasts’ Sudden Extinction

600-pound beavers, VW-sized armadillos, 16-foot tall sloths, 30-mph short-faced bears, 10-ton hairy elephants, and the list goes on of Mega-mammals that all went extinct at the same time as the Ice Age abruptly ended. Scaled images HERE

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Extreme Climate and Weather Related Events

Are there increasingly frequent and powerful storms, or are we just more aware of them in our world of instant global news? Randall has compiled a substantial list of those events recorded prior to significant fossil fuel consumption HERE

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You better read these before challenging Randall Carlson

“Relevant Papers” now posted under the Research tab.  A sampling of published scientific papers to add to your reading list. Zoom in here

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Extended ‘writer’s cut’ articles by Randall

Without the limitations of periodical publishers, Randall lets loose the extended versions of his article series, starting with the three parts of  The Cosmic Factor

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Climate Change Controversy Quotes

Extracted from Randall’s “Climate Change 2” Power Point program, multiple perspectives from scientists on the questions and uncertainties related to the Younger-Dryas Boundary climate shifts. Read the quotes

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NEW! Wallula Gap photos and maps in the ‘Galleries’

Additional views to supplement our new video with Graham Hancock interviewing Randall Carlson on-site at Wallula Gap during our September 2014 journey.

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New Album in Galleries: “Scenic Panoramas”

See the images of Dry Falls cataracts, current ripple fields, erratics, gravel bar deposits and more from the Pacific Northwest (Camas Prairie, West Bar, Tammany Bar, Snake River, Palouse Hills, Ephrata Fan, Sun Lakes State Park, Crab Creek Coulee, Boulder … Continue reading

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New video on our YouTube channel

“Day of the Dead: Decrypting the Cosmic Origins of Halloween”  The Taurid meteor stream and its relation to the Pleiades star cluster may give clues to the source of world-wide commemorations at this time of year…

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Fall ’14 Research EXpedition shows author Graham Hancock evidence for catastrophic Ice Age Floods

On the next two weeks of the adventure (9/22/14 – 10/5/14), we were privileged to be joined by best-selling author of “Fingerprints of the Gods”, Graham Hancock and his wife, esteemed photographer Santha Faiia. A direct route from Portland to … Continue reading

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