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Comet Research Group seeks crowd-funding to avert disaster

With the help of Randall and Graham Hancock on the Joe Rogan Experience November 15th, the Comet Research Group announces a new effort to raise funds.  Read more about their effort on our  Links Page

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NEW! Wallula Gap photos and maps in the ‘Galleries’

Additional views to supplement our new video with Graham Hancock interviewing Randall Carlson on-site at Wallula Gap during our September 2014 journey.

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Fall ’14 Research EXpedition shows author Graham Hancock evidence for catastrophic Ice Age Floods

On the next two weeks of the adventure (9/22/14 – 10/5/14), we were privileged to be joined by best-selling author of “Fingerprints of the Gods”, Graham Hancock and his wife, esteemed photographer Santha Faiia. A direct route from Portland to … Continue reading

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Longview, Washington absorbs rare F-1 tornado!

The Columbia River divides the state of Washington from Oregon to the south, and Longview/Kelso sits on the north side of the river where it eases to the west on its way to the Pacific Ocean.  Coincidentally, we over-nighted in Longview … Continue reading

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Fall ’14 Ice Age Floods expedition to Portland, Oregon

We have just returned from a 27-day road trip, logging over 8000 miles – from Atlanta Georgia to Big Fork Montana, then further west to Portland Oregon before returning again to the Rocky Mountains, then across the northern Great Plains … Continue reading

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