Longview, Washington absorbs rare F-1 tornado!

The Columbia River divides the state of Washington from Oregon to the south, and Longview/Kelso sits on the north side of the river where it eases to the west on its way to the Pacific Ocean.  Coincidentally, we over-nighted in Longview after venturing out to see Mount Saint Helens last month, and went into the local office supply store to have our proposed road log booklet printed out for the next phase of the EXpedition.  The store was right on 15th Avenue – exactly on the path of Thursday’s 115 mph winds…

Best wishes for a quick and safe recovery for everyone there in the affected area!  (Longview/Kelso is the gray area just above the middle of this GoogleEarth image, with Portland at the bottom and St. Helens volcano upper right)


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