Fall ’14 Ice Age Floods expedition to Portland, Oregon

We have just returned from a 27-day road trip, logging over 8000 miles – from Atlanta Georgia to Big Fork Montana, then further west to Portland Oregon before returning again to the Rocky Mountains, then across the northern Great Plains thru Minneapolis, Minnesota on the way back to Atlanta. Sites and landscapes explored along the first eleven day segment included the great ‘earthworks’ at Cahokia in southern Illinois, the curious ‘Sand Hills’ of western Nebraska, Casper Mountain and the Big Horns in Wyoming, the Missoula and Flathead Basins in Montana, Logan Pass in Glacier National Park, giant current ripples and drumlin fields south of the Rocky Mountain Trench, the giant coulees of Washington’s Channeled Scablands, the Columbia River Gorge thru the Cascade Mountains, and the ominous open-mouthed Mount Saint Helens volcano.

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