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The Comet Research Group is part of a non-profit, charitable corporation that collaborates with 63 scientists from 55 universities in 16 countries. Their discoveries have been featured on the History Channel, National Geographic Channel, Discovery Channel, PBS’s NOVA, and more than a dozen other TV programs. They’ve also made headlines in hundreds of newspapers in dozens of countries around the world, and several books have been written about their discoveries. In particular Graham Hancock’s new book Magicians of the Gods gives a full account of the implications of the comet bombardment 12,800 years ago for our understanding of the hidden history of humanity.

The mission of the Comet Research Group is to accurately assess the effects of comet impacts on human history, to educate the international public about these effects, and, ultimately, to provide governments and the scientific community with the information they need to stop comets from hitting Earth in the future.

This is important work, and worthy of support. But governments and the big corporations and donors aren’t interested. It’s up to us…