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You better read these before challenging Randall Carlson

“Relevant Papers” now posted under the Research tab.  A sampling of published scientific papers to add to your reading list. Zoom in here

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2 Responses to You better read these before challenging Randall Carlson

  1. Steve Garcia says:

    Randall – Hey. I’ve read most of those papers, among a couple of hundred I’ve read in the last year or two. Yes, the YDB Team is on the right track. Yes, you are, too. That is not to suck up with you. I acknowledge intelligence and open-mindedness when I see them. You DO have some gaps in your knowledge base and your interpretations, but damn if you aren’t doing pretty well. Ask this: Where ELSE were there Missoula type floods in the world? Or even bigger ones? Ask THIS: How did the YD stadial last 1,300 years? (NOT from particles in the stratosphere, which have been shown to not last more than a handful of years) Ask this: Why did that YD stadial end as abruptly as it did, after those 1,300 years? (That actually is one nobody – else – has an answer to… almost no one even has a GUESS…) Ask this: What mechanism other than particles in the stratosphere (which wasn’t capable of it) could have caused the megafauna and many smaller species to die out then? Ask this: How could an impact in the Great Lakes region kill mammoths down in Puebla and also on the Taimyr Peninsula – and in Europe, too? Ask this: Why do black mat sites in the USA have a lot of algae, but the ones in Europe are burned biomass without algae? Ask this: How long did the Göbekli Tepe architecture and art require to develop prior to 12,000 y.a.? (…hunter gatherers they were not.) Ask this: Göbekli Tepe is dated at 12 kya, and Ponsansky dated Tiahuanaco to 12 kya, too – so is there any connection? Keep on asking questions, Randall. You and GH are not the only ones who want to know the answers. Or who are looking.

  2. daniel m dollard says:

    hi Randall. Dan D again. I have to get this one off my chest because it has haunted my dreams for a long time. cinotes in central and south america and blue holes in the bahamas are quite round in general. i have this vision in my head of ejectae from a comet or asteroids landing and making a small crater which in turn over time of course, filling the limestone depression or crater with rain water and eroding away into a cave. thats it. again call me crazy if you deem necessary. I’m just a loley steam plant engineer with enough time to watch a 3 hour podcast. Dan D

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