Fall ’14 Research EXpedition shows author Graham Hancock evidence for catastrophic Ice Age Floods

On the next two weeks of the adventure (9/22/14 – 10/5/14), we were privileged to be joined by best-selling author of “Fingerprints of the Gods”, Graham Hancock and his wife, esteemed photographer Santha Faiia. A direct route from Portland to Minneapolis would be about 1700 miles, but we meandered across the northern tier of the U.S., following the margins of the continental ice sheet’s glacial ‘tongues’ and outlet spillways, doubling that amount! When they agreed to embark on this journey with us, I don’t think they had a complete grasp of the vastness and diversity of the American continent, but they definitely do now, even though the sampling that we provided to them was quite limited. The list of sites we did visit over the 14 days might be more extensive than most of this country’s citizens experience in their entire lifetimes. Get out there and explore this amazing planet!

The perpetually overcast and drizzly weather reminded them of their UK homeland, but did little to enhance our experience and certainly did not benefit our photographs or video. It continued into Minnesota as our journey culminated at the 3rd Annual Intrepid Paradigm Symposium in Minneapolis, where Graham was a featured speaker and recurrent discussion panel participant. During his first presentation to the audience of about 300, he was convinced enough by what we had shown him to share about ten minutes of information including maps and photographs compiled while on the road with us. Many thanks to him for clearly and generously crediting Randall Carlson with being fifteen years ahead of all others with his prescience and study of the catastrophic flooding at the end of the last ice age 13,000 years ago, as being the effect of fragments from a disintegrating comet crashing into and over the ice sheets that buried Canada. Graham’s display of Randall’s graphics showing potential impact sites and the outflow channels for the resultant meltwater floods was the first tangible exposition of this dramatic theory.

The ongoing compilation and interpretation of the paradigm-rocking evidence will continue to be shared through GEOCosmicREX, as we attempt to recover humankind’s lost history by deciphering the remnant clues generated “when Earth and space collide”.



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