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The mouth of Moses Coulee into the Columbia River, just above West Bar; Crater coulee – northwestern outlet of Quincy Basin; Ephrata debris fan at southern outlet of Grand Coulee

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Reference Only

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  3. Randall Carlson says:

    Bronze age catastrophe

  4. Roger Thrush says:

    I spent several years in the area of the Clark Fork. I was employed by the USFS and I spent a great deal of time in this environment. I had a friend that was a recreational prospector and he told me he was finding alluvial deposits of gold at 1100 feet “above” the river valley floor. Incredible amount of water carved it’s way through here. You have to see it to realize the real impact on this land during that event.

    I’ve also adopted the concept that Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson profess about cataclysmic impact with one exception. I believe it was much bigger. In fact, I believe it created the Grand Canyon. Also, I’d like to add to their hypothesis that if further evidence is needed one only needs to realize that during the same period of “recovering”, after the “clean slate” of Younger/Dryas, the Aztec, Inca, Mayans were advanced in sciences, art, a written language and astrological awareness and created an advance calender while North American 1st Nation civilization was still living in the stone age right up to the point of the intrusion of Europeans on the North American continent. Proof of the eradication of all life forms on the North American west.

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