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NEW! Wallula Gap photos and maps in the ‘Galleries’

Additional views to supplement our new video with Graham Hancock interviewing Randall Carlson on-site at Wallula Gap during our September 2014 journey.

Responses to "NEW! Wallula Gap photos and maps in the ‘Galleries’"

  1. Roger Thrush says:

    I spent several years in the area of the Clark Fork. I was employed by the USFS and I spent a great deal of time in this environment. I had a friend that was a recreational prospector and he told me he was finding alluvial deposits of gold at 1100 feet “above” the river valley floor. Incredible amount of water carved it’s way through here. You have to see it to realize the real impact on this land during that event.

    I’ve also adopted the concept that Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson profess about cataclysmic impact with one exception. I believe it was much bigger. In fact, I believe it created the Grand Canyon. Also, I’d like to add to their hypothesis that if further evidence is needed one only needs to realize that during the same period of “recovering”, after the “clean slate” of Younger/Dryas, the Aztec, Inca, Mayans were advanced in sciences, art, a written language and astrological awareness and created an advance calender while North American 1st Nation civilization was still living in the stone age right up to the point of the intrusion of Europeans on the North American continent. Proof of the eradication of all life forms on the North American west.

  2. Greetings Randall,

    Thank you for your continued efforts into exciting a healthy perspective to the populatioqn. I’ve been following your work through Joe Rogan and Geo cosmic Rex now for about a year. There are some questions I have for you regarding proper debates with the status quo scientism-ists, however I was unable to reach you through email.
    If you read this and find the time or desire to engage with someone trying to further expose your perspective, would you please reach out to me at MatthewDrobnick@Yahoo?

    I believe there are much more positive approaches and avenues we can explore, especially on mediums such as JRE podcast. We need your voice to gain much more exposure! You provide a reasonable, logical, science based perspective without resorting to emotional terrorism or juvenility. This is much appreciated.

  3. Steve Garcia says:

    Randall – Hey. I’ve read most of those papers, among a couple of hundred I’ve read in the last year or two. Yes, the YDB Team is on the right track. Yes, you are, too. That is not to suck up with you. I acknowledge intelligence and open-mindedness when I see them. You DO have some gaps in your knowledge base and your interpretations, but damn if you aren’t doing pretty well. Ask this: Where ELSE were there Missoula type floods in the world? Or even bigger ones? Ask THIS: How did the YD stadial last 1,300 years? (NOT from particles in the stratosphere, which have been shown to not last more than a handful of years) Ask this: Why did that YD stadial end as abruptly as it did, after those 1,300 years? (That actually is one nobody – else – has an answer to… almost no one even has a GUESS…) Ask this: What mechanism other than particles in the stratosphere (which wasn’t capable of it) could have caused the megafauna and many smaller species to die out then? Ask this: How could an impact in the Great Lakes region kill mammoths down in Puebla and also on the Taimyr Peninsula – and in Europe, too? Ask this: Why do black mat sites in the USA have a lot of algae, but the ones in Europe are burned biomass without algae? Ask this: How long did the Göbekli Tepe architecture and art require to develop prior to 12,000 y.a.? (…hunter gatherers they were not.) Ask this: Göbekli Tepe is dated at 12 kya, and Ponsansky dated Tiahuanaco to 12 kya, too – so is there any connection? Keep on asking questions, Randall. You and GH are not the only ones who want to know the answers. Or who are looking.

  4. Steve Garcia says:

    Even around 1900 most of Europe had not weather data kept in a systematic way. Not to mention most sites in the USA. Not to mention the rest of the world. Our actual data goes back only decades in many places, and few go back more much than about 125 years. With this piddlingly short record worldwide. to think we have ascertained anything about the climate is nonsense. And tree rings as climate proxies? Sometime check out the history of the Divergence Problem regarding tree-rings as temperature proxies. Starting in the 1940s, tree rings started to diverge from thermometer records. This continued until basically now. That was what the Climategate Scandal was all about, BTW – faking the graphs, because tree rings didn’t agree anymore, and they couldn’t let the world know about it. And if they don’t have tree rings as a proxy for temperature, anything before the consistent thermometer era is blown out of the water. And all other proxies are directly or indirectly tied to tree rings. Add in that biologists use tree rings as proxie for rainfall. With two major factors as possible causes of tree ring widths and densities, anyone trying to say that either one is THE proxy for temps is blowing it out his ass. No one can separate out rainfall effects on tree rings versus temperature effects. BOTH are true. But neither one is linear with tree rings, not if both underlie tree ring widths. Ergo, the supposed science of dendroclimatology is not a science.

  5. daniel m dollard says:

    hi Randall. I watched the joe rogan podcasts with yourself and Graham Hancock where in you explained how the fingerlakes in ny were created by scouring. I not sure if you meant from glacial melt waterfalls or the ice itself. Also no one has found a crater for the younger dryas comet. I have always been avidly interested in astronomy and engineering of which the latter being my profession. After watching the podcasts I did go to google earth and studied the fingerlakes region. call me crazy but to me they looked like possibly stress fractures that may have been created by the combination of the emence weight of the ice, and the pressure of the comet hitting the ice (or exploding above it) with the ensuing melt water then immediately carving or scouring the cracks. please consider that I am not challenging you. I cant because all i know about geology is what I’ve heard from yourself and others. I feel though that there wouldn’t be a crater as such due to the mile or so of ice but there might be stress marks. in conclusion i would put the comet epicentre in pretty much the center of the great lakes region. if you believe otherwise i sincerely apologize for wasting your time but thank for reading. i deeply appreciate your common sense attitude. it’s very refreshing. thank you. Dan D.

  6. daniel m dollard says:

    hi Randall. Dan D again. I have to get this one off my chest because it has haunted my dreams for a long time. cinotes in central and south america and blue holes in the bahamas are quite round in general. i have this vision in my head of ejectae from a comet or asteroids landing and making a small crater which in turn over time of course, filling the limestone depression or crater with rain water and eroding away into a cave. thats it. again call me crazy if you deem necessary. I’m just a loley steam plant engineer with enough time to watch a 3 hour podcast. Dan D

  7. cory says:

    I can’t believe I used to buy into this crap 🙁
    The owner of the shop i used to work at just told me sugar is healthy! That it stimulates your mind lol

  8. LK says:

    Randall, are you interested in a discussion with other alternative scientists? I’m interested in discussing catastrophism etc and I can organize a group of scientists for discussion, if you like. We could discuss the crowd-funding effort too, certainly.

  9. Paul Iacono says:

    Hi Randall and Team,

    A quick one to say thanks for all the information regarding extinctions/end of ice age/mega tsunami’s etc. I watched you online on Joe Rogan show (twice) the interview with Graham and Shermer debating the theories was superb.

    I find this period of history absolutely fascinating and the images you showed of the Scab Lands evidence of mega flooding including the 400 foot cliffs and central spine inn solid rock go to show the huge forces involved. The flash frozen mega fauna are truly stunning as they involve something that is a true mystery. My imagination conjures huge flood water near freezing, but liquid due to motion, then when hit the freezing areas and the animals grazing there return to a solid state almost immediately….

    Thank you again, much respect and I’ll tell all I think have an interest of your superb website information. Try and get a student animation team to volunteer their efforts to visualalise the comet hitting the glacier, melting ice, mega tsunami and ensuing destruction of land/fauna/flora. Just an idea as the student team could do this as their own wonderful, unique project for University credits maybe.


    Paul Iacono

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